David Schulze

Artist Statement

Having a personal connection with the subjects I paint is important because it adds an element of authenticity to my work.   Painting subjects from life outdoors, en plein air, as often as possible, brings me great joy.  When I am not able to paint a subject from direct observation, I work in my studio from my own studies, sketches, or photographs.

Color harmony is also important to me and I enjoy the challenge of working with a limited palate.  Mixing my own colors as I paint en plein air or alla prima in my studio helps me approach this aspect of painting in ways that are not possible with a more expansive palate.  

The physical act of placing paint on canvas with a brush is one of the most immediate and tactile joys of making a painting.  Brush strokes that are visible in a finished work add interest and help provide the viewer clues about how the painting was created.

My work has been featured in local, regional and national juried exhibits.  I am a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Outdoor Painters Society, and have been designated a Signature Member of the Texas Visual Arts Association.

I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration from UT Austin and a law degree from Baylor and  believe in the value and importance of community service.  I am a member of the Leadership Dallas class of 2005, have served on the Board of Directors of Big Thought and of DIFFA/Dallas, on the Steering Committee of the Emergency Artist Support League, and as organizer for the 2010 North Dallas Artist Studio Tour.

David Schulze

Fine Art

Dallas, Texas

(214) 616-6890